Vaporizor Kits

We feature over 60 US made E-liquids for our vaporizors.  We're sure to have something for everyone, from a simple tobacco to strawberry lime-aide its all available here.

All of our fluids are 100% PG based fluids with all materials made in the United States (including the nicotine)

Using the best ingredients available results in top notch flavor and vapor that is unmatched by our competitors.

We offer a range of nicotine levels on our products so you can find just what you are looking for that will help you keep the nicotine cravings away and vape yourself to a better way of life.

Base Flavors

Tobacco Flavors:

Davidoff   /   Dijarum Black   /   Lucky Strike   /   Newport   /   RY3   /   RY4   /   Slim

US Light   /   US Menthol   /   US Red   /   Wyatt Earp

Drink Flavors:

Apple Juice   /   Cappuccino   /   Pina Colada   /   Red Bull

Exotic Flavors:

Blueberry   /   Cherry   /   Caramel   /   Eskimo Kisses   /  Cheesecake   /   Double Chocolate

Double Mint   /   English Toffee   /   Lemon-Lime   /   Licorice   /   Mandrin   /   Orange

Peanut Butter   /   Pear   /   Peppermint   /   Pineapple   /   Pomegranate   /   Raspberry

Spearmint   /   Strawberry   /   Sweet Tart   /   Vanilla   /   Watermelon   /   Wintergreen

Premium Flavors

Blueberry Cheesecake   /   Strawberry Cheesecake   /   Chocolate Cheesecake

Dijarum Cherry   /   Dijarum Vanilla   /   Menthol Smooth   /   Menthol Blue

Peanut Butter Cup   /   Chocolate Raspberry   /   Chocolate Strawberry   /   Chocolate Cherry

Heath Bar   /   Cafe Mocha   /   Strawberry Limeaide   /   Jolly Rancher   /   Vanilla Mist

Caramel Macchiato   /   Vanilla Raspberry   /   Pom Blue   /   Razz-mataz   /   Cherry 7-up

Yeager Bomb   /   Strawberry Watermelon   /   Vanilla Strawberries   /   Citrus Burst


Super Premium Flavors

Blizzard   /   Frost Bite   /   Black Forest   /   Very Berry   /   Mandrin Mint